Speculative Design: S/TECH

As part of a school brief, we were tasked to come up with a diegesis on an everyday object or service.

Drawing inspiration from the idea of hover boards and superconducting magnetic disc NASA first invented in 1999 that blocks Earth’s gravitational pull – S/TECH is a future technology company that makes superconducting insoles that explores how one would walk through Earth.

Man’s desire to fly has now become a reality.

“As the world’s leading innovative tech company, S/TECH has partnered up with NASA to come up with a revolutionary anti-gravity superconductor insole that is able to block and reduce the Earth’s natural gravitational pull. This new technology completely revolutionizes the way we live, work and play. We will be more energy efficient, no more congestion, no more pollution.”

Ranging from a S/1 Basic Grade to S/4 Military Classified High Grade – this new technology is set to make life better.

S/1 & S/2 : Basic Grade
The Basic Grade is aimed towards the masses and easily accessible to many. Anyone 18 and above can get their license through certified S/TECH Flight School.

S/3 & S/4 : High Grade
S/3 is an Industrial High Grade aimed towards the engineering and construction industry. These gravity defying insoles will increase efficiency of workers – just imagine saving lives too!

S/4 is a Military Classified High Grade. Though this grade is aim towards military, classified missions and space exploration – to purchase and use a S/4 Grade requires military and government clearance.

A6 Process Book Diegesis 1

A6 Process Book Diegesis 2

A6 Process Book Diegesis 3

A6 Process Book Diegesis 4

A6 Process Book Diegesis 5

A6 Process Book Diegesis 6

A6 Process Book Diegesis 7

A6 Process Book Diegesis 8